I decided to use the local landscape within easy reach of my home.

We are surrounded by farms, orchards and countryside, so I selected a field of Oil Seed Rape on a partially cloudy, breezy afternoon to demonstrate that histograms’ detect minute changes in light. I also gave some consideration that the bright yellow and blue sky with grey clouds could impact on the changing historgram.

I hoped that with the breeze this would add to the movement in the frame.

I selected my D610 and sturdy Manfrotto tripod and 16-35mm wide angle lens.

I am not generally an ‘auto’ shooter and this felt rather odd letting the camera take control of the settings. I didn’t necessarily use the rule of thirds or consider placement of buildings etc., other than the horizon was level.

The camera settings were 1/320 sec., F9.0, ISO 100 at 35mm.

The Histrograms’ were screen captured.

Result and Conclusion

The results were very subtle and although I wasn’t surprised by the minor changes none the less the sensor recorded the levels of light and displayed them. I’m sure that if I had used a different lens for example a zoom lens and focused on the old milking shed in the middle of the field the results would have been very similar despite the building being brick, dark and surrounded by bright yellow with an ever changing light.