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Exercise 2.3 

Choose a subject in front of a background with depth. Select your shortest focal length and take a close low viewpoint, below your subject. Find a natural point of focus and take the shot. 

You’ll see that a very wide lens together with a close viewpoint creates extreme perspective distortion. Gently receding lines become extreme diagonals and rounded forms bulge towards the camera. Space appears to expand. The low viewpoint adds a sense of monumentality, making the subject seem larger than it is, and tilting the camera adds to the effect as vertical lines dramatically converge. Not the ideal combination for a portrait shot!

Unfortunately due to my condition any low angle without great help or assistance is virtually impossible, however, I tackled this from a different perspective and took the opportunity to utilise a visit to a local gardens. I focused this shot around the large paving slabs and fountain with a pergola walkway in the background.

Using a wide angle lens with a short focal length of 16mm the lines become extermely distorted and rounded towards the edges. This makes the fountain appear far larger than it’s actual shape and size.

Whistable Castle

Whistable Castle