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Select your longest focal length and compose a portrait shot fairly tightly within the frame in front of a background with depth. Take one photograph. Then walk towards your subject while zooming out to your shortest focal length. Take care to frame the subject in precisely the same way in the viewfinder and take a second shot. Compare the two images and make notes in your learning log.

I found this task quite difficult for several logistic reasons. I do not have access to a person to pose for portraiture shots as I am alone most of my day. However, I improvised with a wooden carved duck and sitting in my wheelchair able to place it some distance from myself. Using Aoperture mode and ensuring I was able to maintain the framing as best as possible sitting in my wheelchair.

I am restricted as to where I could place the subject as I am limited by access paths around my home. However, I tried to use the wooden structure as a backdrop causing the doors to become promenient in the short focal length shot. I’m not entirely happy with this exercise but I feel that this is due to my limitations.


Nikon D7100

Nikon DX 55-300mm f4.5-5.5