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Assignment Five – Photography is simple


Take a series of 10 photographs of any subject of your own choosing. Each photograph must be a unique view of the same subject; in other words, it must contain some ‘new information’ rather than repeat the information of the previous image. Pay attention to the order of the series; if you’re submitting prints, number them on the back. There should be a clear sense of development through the sequence.

Assignment 5 – Fatal Consequences

This project documents the routine journey along the A2 between Faversham and Teynham, Kent.

The A2 varies from National Speed limits to 30 mph zones with numerous junctions to small hamlets. In total 6 fatal accidents have claimed the lives of 8 people since 2004. However, thousands of people travel this route daily without incident and I have documented the uneventful sections as well as the locations of the fatalities.

Why this project and why the interest in Traffic Collisions? I gradually started to notice the number of ‘roadside shrines’ that had appeared along the stretch of the A2 between my home and Teynham including other surrounding roads.

As I researched this project I was shocked by the amount of fatal collisions in a relatively short stretch of the A2. I started this story at my home, where the first fatal collision occurred in 2004 where the driver lost control of his vehicle, collided with a pole and finally demolishing my neighbour’s wall. Sadly, both driver and passenger were killed.

I retired as a Police Constable in 2014 from the Metropolitan Police Service. I witnessed many road traffic collisions both on and off duty, some fatal. I was unable to recreate the exact conditions e.g. light, traffic conditions, viewpoints for all of the scenes. Referring to archive newspapers’ I attempted to take photographs from the same perspectives’ and viewpoints’ much in the same way Mark Klett approached the Third View, Re-photographic Survey Project.

I have encompassed the whole route from the first fatal scene to the last scene to tell the whole story with or without incident

When I really stopped though, looked closely and examined each scene I found evidence of tiny objects’ left behind some to remember those who had died or previous skid marks and impressions on the road surface.

The objects had weathered, faded or some almost disintegrated, other sites were well-tended, elaborate and adorned. But their mark has been left long after those fatal decisions were made with fatal consequences.

I found researching the accidents in this assignment quite a task as I needed to search through archive newspapers and cross-reference collison data. My research can be found here.

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