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During my research I read a very interesting article a Royal Photographic Society (RPS) magazine. (‘Mostly Left turns’, 2017).  The article Mostly Left Turns documents the locations of all cycling fatalities involving motor-vehicles in London during 2015. Eight cyclists form the series of photographs and their last movements and all, but one was the result of lorries turning left, a known problem with a blind spot. (Graeme Weston — Photojournalist – Mostly left turns, no date)

Weston used the light trails to and empty roads to show the direction of travel and turned the light off at the point of the collision during the long exposure to leave an abrupt stop. I also felt that the angle and height was from a drivers’ perspective not necessarily a lorry or taller vehicle. Perhaps this was something I needed to consider.

I attempted to take photographs from the same perspectives’ and viewpoints’ much in the same way Mark Klett approached the Third View, Re-photographic Survey Project. Klett, revisted locations that had been photographed in the late 19C and using calculations was able to recreate the viewpoint.

During the rest of the assignments I have been adding to my research. I found a website called Ghostbikes and one example locally near Deal, Kent placed on the side of the road. Daniel Squire was killed in 2013 aged 18. What I was struck by in the news article was the comment “the area has become a shrine, with floral tributes and solar lights, laid by family members and some of Daniel’s many friends from Deal and Dover, where he went to school and played football.”

Daniel’s father said, “The family is now having a plaque made for the bike with the message “Cyclist Killed Here 7/9/2013”.

Mr Squire said the area is not allowed to become a dedicated memorial, and it is therefore not permitted for them to inscribe that the bike has been installed in Daniel’s memory.”(‘Ghost bike’ shrine to cyclist killed in crash, 2014)

Grief is an emotion that can last a lifetime and as I looked around the local roads I saw more and more evidence of shrines that had been left by the roadside. At this point it dawned on me this was my assignment 5 project, Fatal Consequences and to use my experience how to document each fatal collision site.

The next part of my research was quite easy using a website called Crashmap. Although I could not access all the data I was able to cross-reference with news articles. I found five significant locations consisting of two cyclists, two cars and one motorcyclist.

I looked Joel Sternfeld’s work as part of the research as suggested by my tutor. I found at least two examples similar to my project where either a shrine had been left or a plain ordinary building both with history of a violent past, but without the knowledge of what had taken place just looked like any other building. In a similar way each of the locations along the A2 may or may not have had serious accidents or none at all. (Press & Commentary, no date)

I consulted with David (my tutor) about my idea and apprehension about producing/making a book as I have never tried to this. He suggested reading Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book (Design Brief). (Lupton and Maryland Institute, College of Art, 2008).

I found some helpful YouTube videos about Japanese Bookbinding. My tutor and I agreed if I was struggling for time to complete this assignment I could photograph my work and he would assess it on that basis. I managed to make two mock-up copies to ensure that the binding and page layout was correct before completing the final printed photobook.


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