Indie Publishing How to Design and Produce Your Own Book.

ISBN:- 978-1-56898-760-6

I consulted with David (my tutor) about my idea and apprehension about producing/making a book as I have never tried to this. He suggested reading Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book (Design Brief). (Lupton and Maryland Institute, College of Art, 2008)

A great book for anyone who wants to explore the possibility of book binding or designing your own book. I found a good used copy for under £2.50!

It’s set out in an easy way and fairly easy to read instructions covering everything from Typography to Page Layout and Handmade Books.

It has 3 chapters divided into topics with extensive illustrations. This is not a book that you need read cover to cover, unless of course you need to. I qualified as a Typesetter and Pre-Press Originator back in the late 80’s, so I found most of the information irrelevant due to my previous knowledge and experience.

I would recommend for anyone that is thinking of making a book to have a go at making a mock-up to ensure that all the gutters and folds work before you commit to your final printing and binding.

I found some helpful YouTube videos about Japanese Bookbinding, which can be viewed here.

A word of warning! I quickly discovered that Adobe Indesign does not colour manage well and the examples below demonstrate this. The greens were heavily saturated and a great deal lighter than the calibrated images.

Adobe Indesign and the use colour management conflict or did in my case and a quick google of forums found others experiencing similar problems. The work around is a two-step process and requires you to export the InDesign .indd file to a .PDF and then print from Adobe Acrobat using the colour sync file created rather than let Adobe manage the colour sync.

I printed my own book using 8×8 (203x203mm) prints using Fotospeed paper. I printed my pages using a Canon Pro10. I create a colour profile for each paper I use with a calibrated screen (ColourMunki Display). The profiles are printed and scanned using ColorMunki Photo. If I need to I can enhance the profile by printing a 3rd sheet and scan it.




Lupton, E. and Maryland Institute, College of Art (eds) (2008) Indie publishing: how to design and produce your own book. 1st ed. New York : Baltimore: Princeton Architectural Press ; Maryland Institute College of Art (Design briefs).

Sea Lemon (no date) DIY Japanese Bookbinding Tutorial | 4-Hole | Sea Lemon. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-r6c_trSxY(Accessed: 17 July 2018).